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Some History:

A short time after the dodfrance.com mapping constest (DMC), in short after making dod_flers, Moroes and Kane contacted me to work with them for a Day of Defeat: Source Map Pack. The aim was to make as for the DMC some littles maps but in freshs environnements. Indeed we really wanted to bring some news maps to our favorite game.

And so started The Baguet Map Pack a full time project of 12 months made by 4 french
(Baguet) mappers. We were originaly 4 in the team : Kane, Moroes, Satyre and Me: Grippy. Each of us in charge of one map. After a few months Satyre stoped the project and so his map but some time after this, Sli-Woody joined our team to finish the map. Indeed it's very hard to reach a Valve quality map when you are in charge of two maps in the same time so we really appreciated his help as the help of his team the Rommel's Renegades Clan which were our playtesters. Especially Splatt, the eyes of the tiger, the man who see bugs more faster than his shadow.

Shortly after Satyre leaved and before Sli-Woody helped us, Cpt Ukulele joined the team as an 3D artist. He helped us bringing more variety and more awesomeness to our maps by making a lot of customs models.

Here is a mega description picture of some of those models :

About Wildenthal:

If there is one word to describe wildenthal it's: complex. Complex but fun. Indeed this map use a large variety of gameplay modes. It goes from the classical Capture-the-flag to the advancing respawn position which depends of how the allies progress throught the whole map.

But before giving you a head pain, let me set the plot of this map:

Wildenthal, located in Germany, make part of the communities of Eibenstock
. Mainly composed of forests, wildenthal was a perfect place for the German Army in order to control those part of the Germany and to prevent a aircraft strike.

The map take place in a large Axis basement set in the forest of wildenthal. This basement can detect all nearby Allies aircraft with the Freya Radar and destroy them with one of the two Flak 18 anti-aircraft guns. Or If they fails to destroy them, contact the next Axis anti-aircraft basement with the radio emitter.

Wildenthal gameplay:

Wildenthal is an combinaison of the two gamemode you can find in Day of Defeat: Source. There are the classical CTF mode and the more recent detonation mode. The allies are attacking and the Axis defending. But in order to make the game less boring for the both teams and because the map is big, advancing respawning were used.

The map is limited in time. Allies in order to win need to capture/destroy all the objectives in less than 10 minutes. There are 3 detonations objectives: two Flak 18 and the radio emitter. If allies achieved to destroy those strategics points, time is added to the global timer pushing the end of the round.

The 3 detonation points (Flak18 Left, Radio emitter, Flak 18 Right).

Before allies reach those objectives points, they need to enter the Axis basement well defended by mortars and severals Axis MG & Sniper spots. In order to enter in the basement they need to blown one of the four barricades with a bomb.

View of what Allies need to make face when they start the round. Mortars hit randomly this part of the map.

One of those barricades.

Once the Allies are in the Axis basement, they can desactivate the mortars by capturing the whole Basement. This also result of activating the advanding spawn for the allies and retreating Axis one's.
Because it's a very difficult map for the Axis after Allies capture the Flag basement, the flag can be recapture by Axis and so desactivate the advancing spawn and reactivate the mortars. Indeed after Allies are in the Basement, it's very hard for Axis to protect all the objectives and so if they want to win time, the best thing is to recapture the flag.

The flag: ~10 secs to capture and require 2 persons.

One of the most fresh gameplay composant this map bring is the freya radar (model by Cpt.Ukulele). The word "bazooka" under the objective icon you can see in the HUD explain a lot of how to destroy it. Indeed this sort of objectives bring a new style of gameplay with axing a lot more the game into the rocketry class. Always knowed as a fun class, I really wanted to add some serious to this class. During the playtests I saw that the most efficient way to destroy the radar was with a small group of Allies composed of one rocketry, an assault and a rifle-man. Indeed only one rocketry infantry can't achieve that easy to destroy the radar because he need to travel a lot of indoors environnement before reaching the radar, and so a lot of dangerous corners.

Because some servers disable the rocketry infantry class, you can find some bazooka at Allies spawn with only one rocket. So you don't need to be a rocketry class to destroy the Freya.
But only Allies rockets works, Axis one's don't work against the Freya in order to prevent the lame this can cause if one Axis player decided to completly destroy the game.

The radar taked me a lot of work and was very buggy at start. During 2 consecutives betas it simply didn't worked because I always played the game alone: the simple fact of having one Axis near the radar blocked the capture of the radar... I only realized that I needed to split some triggers to achieve the whole thing.

Hello I'm the freya radar.

Wildenthal overview - Allies are the blues arrows and Axis the red one's. In the middle of the overview there is the Axis Basement with the flag and the Freya Radar. The 3 detonations points (Flak18 Left, Radio and Flak18 Right) are near the Axis arrows.

Wildenthal graphics:

During the developpment I tested thought the betas a lot of diffrents environnements. But one thing always persisted: the map should take place in a forest-type environnement. It's only a few months near the end of the devloppement that I decided to change completly the color palet to something more grey like the actual version.

A lot of textures where made during the differents versions. Most of those textures were based on photos from the excellent website cgtextures.com. Here are some old screenshots of the differents betas. The aim is to show you how the map progressed:

Beta 2:

There was originaly undergrounds but they were cut little part after little parts thought the differents betas until the were no more undergrounds.

Beta 3:








Because it's a map pack, I can't provide an individual download link. You need to download the whole pack here. But I can assume that the 3 others maps are high quality work and they all deserve to be played and loved. 

The Baguet Map Pack is composed of 4 maps : 
  • dod_almere
  • dod_causeways
  • dod_colonia
  • dod_wildenthal