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Snowblind is my first multiplayer map and what we can call my first "serious" map. Shortly after the June update of Day of Defeat: Source in 2006, I decided to make a map for the new gamemode: the detonation mode. And so was born snowblind.

As it's my first serious map (all the maps I made before was what we can call tests maps) there are a lot of defaults. One of the biggest is the layout and the size of the map. Indeed the map is very opened and too big. That's why snowblind will probably stay forever in beta1 statut. If I wanted to fix those problems the best way is to remake the whole map...

Snowblind is set in the snow during the winter. Action take place during the night in countryside. Detonation type map, Axis need to destroy 4 strategics points: two Flak18, one HUMVEE and a bridge ; in order to stop the progression of Allies to a nearby town.







Click here to download dod_wildenthal_b1.rar (31mo)