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Some history:

Dod_flers was an old map I made in october 2007 for a french mapping contest organized by dodfrance.com. The rules of this contest was to make a AIM Capture-the-flag type map, with a timer of 2/3 minutes and only 2/3 flags. There was a lot more rules like the necessity to adding a banner "dodfr mapping contest" in the map and the need to rename the map in aim_dodfr_XXX, but I miserably ignored them a bit. 

After two months of work I delivered dod_flers_b1. Set in the snow, players fought during the winter in the little town of Flers. The real town is located in the Orne department in north-western France (in short Argentan). It was a little map with only 3 flags, with each teams facing each others without any obstacle. What a mistake aggraved by the fact that I never playtest the map until the beta2.

In the beta 2, a lot of things were improved the first thing when the constest ended was to polish the gameplay. For this version I made the classical 5 flags with 3 flags of two persons. This resulted in slowing the gameplay which was a lot more confortable. Also the middle was obstructed in order to decrease the AIM feeling of two teams facing each others and to stop the "spawn kills".

About the beta3:

I'm still working on it but for this new beta there will be a lot of news things like a better optimisation, better layout and graphics. Indeed now the map take place during the summer in a very cartoon feeling. Stay tuned for more infos'.

here you can find a few screenshots of the beta 3: