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This map is an survival map for the game Left 4 Dead. It takes places NEAR an old coal mine during the winter.

Left 4 Dead don't have ressources for this new environnement so a lot of textures were made. The models have a new snowy skin to perfectly fit in this new theme.

It's not really a mine map because the main building cannot be entered. So the playable area is all around the main building. But there is a lot of spots accross  the map where survivors can stay.

Screenshots: of the beta2




Here is an old movie I made for this map : gameplay movie


   ↓ Download Beta 2 ↓ @ grippy.fr (~20mo .zip)
Download Beta 2 ↓ @ megaupload.com (~20mo .zip)
Download Beta 2 ↓ @ l4dmaps.com (~20mo .zip)
Download Beta 2 ↓ @ l4dmods.com (~20mo .zip)
Download Beta 2 ↓ @ fpsbanana.com (~20mo .zip)

Last update: - 07/10/2009 -