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Here you can find a few of my Source maps.


The Palace is a single map which take place in a cinema and around it. More infos & download link here.




dod_wildenthal is an objective map. The Allies have to destroy the enemy’s radar, Flak 18 anti-aircraft guns and radio complex. The Axis forces have to prevent them from doing so. I made this map for the Baguet Map Pack Project. More informations about this group and the map here.


l4d_sv_coalmine is an is an survival map for the game Left 4 Dead. It takes places NEAR an old coal mine during the winter. More infos & download link here


dod_flers is an little 5 flag map I made a long time ago for a mapping contest. The goal of the contest was to make a simple aim map, but an polished one. The first two versions of this map were set in the snow. The beta3 takes place during the summer with a funny cartoon feeling. More infos & download link here


dod_snowblind is my first map. Not well designed, too big, in short all the defaults of the first map. But well this project make me love the mapping. More infos & download link here.